from the heart

About Us

We believe that yoga is a Practice of Living.


It's a journey of cultivating intimacy with one's self to invite true connection with others. The wisdom of this ancient practice embodied in the here and now creates a path to live an inspired life. Our training provides the space for self-observation so we can take a bigger look at the way we move, breath, think, and connect.  In choosing to recognize and shift these patterns we have the opportunity to redefine our lives.


Our movement is yoga asana, a conversation between body, breath, and heart. When we awaken the intelligence of the body, we're able to move forward with purpose and grace. In stillness, we explore the parts of us that are unsettled, because if we aren't content with who we are on the inside we aren't capable of living intentional and purposeful lives. The adventure of going inside allows your true essence to emerge. The culmination of these practices invites us to be the embodiment of yoga.