Celeste Gluz


Celeste is a conscious lifestyle mentor, Intuitive guide & International Master Trainer for barre fitness. Her passion for meditation and higher consciousness emerged after an abrupt awakening in 2014. Her natural ability to receive intuitive insight has led her to become a guide for others both as a wellness mentor and spiritual guide. 


Celeste’s experience with movement includes dancing professionally for Ballet Etudes Company of South Florida, FIU’s Golden Dazzlers and training in NYC for dance, barre fitness & pilates. She has traveled the world to educate, certify & consult fitness instructors and boutique studio owners. In 2019, she completed the 200hr YTT with The Inspired Life Teacher Training in Miami and began leading sound healing and meditation events. She currently teaches at Exhale Miami and Flamingo Fitness Residential.


As a conscious lifestyle mentor, Celeste works with clients to increase their frequency, realign energy patterns and activate their highest potential. She received her Masters Degree in Holistic Sports Nutrition and studied under Matthew Kenney’s Culinary nutrition program, both of which combine the importance of mind, body and spirit. 


Her latest passion includes using cacao and sound bowl healing to guide others into deeper states of awareness and liberation. Her passion for movement and wellness is ever growing and expanding, most recently becoming certified in Light Body Yoga, a metaphysical teaching of the Inner body of Light. 


Janet Vasquez 

Janet Vasquez completed her teacher training with the Inspired Life team in February 2019.  With this certification, as well as a certification in behavior analysis, Janet began a quest to bring behavior analysis to wellness.  She developed a model of self-care using behavior analysis and yoga that uses a systematic approach to increase self-care behaviors. Through her company, Precision Chi, she helps companies develop their wellness programs and coaches executives and employees on how to use effective, scientifically-proven, behavioral technologies to remove hurdles from their self-care and increase their overall heath and wellness.  Janet also teaches yoga at various conferences, such as the Miami Association for Behavior Analysis and Florida Association for Behavior Analysis, as well as at the W Hotel in downtown Miami.