The Team

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Jessie Potter

After many encouraging words of wisdom from my mom, I finally found yoga in my junior year of college. As soon as I graduated from school, I completed my 200 and 500-hour yoga teacher training in New York at the Atmananda Yoga Sequence. My training gave me insight on myself and a wonderful foundation for my practice to develop into a unique, feminine style. I'm currently a 500 RYT & 200 E-RYT. 


Shortly after getting certified in New York, I moved to Miami where I slowly began my career as a yoga teacher. I started branding myself and my yoga business as Priti Yoga. In 2015 I started a Miami based yoga event called Rise and SoulShine, which has turned into a large gathering of yogis, vendors, and philanthropists alike. Through yoga, my talented SoulShine partners and I raise and donate hundreds of dollars to different local charities every month. 


Focusing on powerful flows mixed with traditional balancing poses, students can expect a repetition of challenging calisthenics, inversions, breath work, core exercises, and deep juicy stretches. With an emphasis on transitions, movements are slow, fluid, and controlled to help establish body listening skills and mindfulness.


With my mom, Jody, and fellow TILT founder, Julianne, I lead 2-3 yoga retreats per year, taking yogis on unique international adventures around the globe. These retreats vary from high-end luxury to rustic adventure getaways, the next one being in Belize in October 2018.  


When I'm not teaching, I can be found painting, putting my green thumb to use around the house, snuggling with my dog and fiancé, planning the next adventure, or making something delicious in the kitchen. I'm a firm believer in living a balanced life and consuming all things green and all things sweet. Life's too short otherwise!

Julianne Aerhee

It was within the four sacred walls of a dance studio that I first found my voice. I felt that my body could express what words could not. I stepped into my first ballet class at the age of 5 and walked out with a lifelong fascination with movement.


During my time as a professional dancer for the NBA Miami Heat, I landed on my yoga mat for the first time. I was enthralled, not only by the intense physical challenge my yoga practice brought me, but the space that it created in my mind, the control that it inspired in my breath, and the awareness that it brought to my heart.


A few months later, I completed my first 200-hour yoga teacher training at Bala Vinyasa Yoga in 2013 and began leading classes right after. I didn’t know then how much I would love leading people through an hour of intense physical work, discovery and healing. I went on to complete my second 200-hour teacher training in the Fluidus Method. With a bigger passion for sharing my practice, I began leading teacher trainings for various studios in 2017.


With a Double Bachelor’s of Science in Communication and Psychology and a minor in Exercise Physiology, I’ve combined all of my passions into this sacred practice. I teach with an understanding that this practice is one that extends far beyond the yoga mat and pours into every bit of our being. I am committed to creating a space that welcomes people to show up as they are to feel and dial in to the magic that exists in every moment.


With a passion for traveling, I lead international retreats with TILT co-founder Jessie, that combine adventure, service projects and yoga in order to inspire more awe and wonder for this very inspired life!


It is through movement that I see the ordinary as extraordinary... and I hope to inspire you to do the same.

Megan Eastman

I found yoga after college in 2007. I ventured into a class not knowing what to expect and left still unsure about the experience. Yet the next week I found myself in class again.


I was drawn in by the physicality of the practice but it soon became something much more than a good stretch or work out; the practice moved inward. My practice quickly became a space of surrender, lessons, and understanding. I felt overtime a beautiful shift in the way I moved through and viewed life.

After 3 years I knew my passion for the practice was my calling to teach. In 2010 I completed my first 200hr training and began teaching immediately after. The more I knew about yoga, the more I realized there was so much more to learn. So I went on a training spree! Over the course of 5 years I completed my second 200hr YTT, a level one Baptiste certification, and my 300hr YTT.

Currently, I am certified 500hr Experienced - Registered Yoga Teacher. I have had the privilege over the past few years to lead teacher trainings for different studios around the country.


My recent Pilates Certification has provided a deeper understanding of anatomy, alignment, muscle utilization, and kinesthetics.

My intention for The Inspired Life Yoga Teacher Training is to build a space for those curious and courageous enough to take on the work of self discovery. I hope to elevate the level of professionalism and excellence in this sacred art of teaching yoga.

Jody Potter

I have been a student of life since the tumultuous years as a teen. Seeking, exploring and deepening into my experiences, I feel I am my own science experiment. I began meditation at the age of 17 and have used it as a vehicle for self-exploration and healing since then. Beginning my play with asana yoga in the year 2000, I finally recognized yoga as the perfect vehicle for discovery.  Integrating the power of meditation with the fluidity of the body and breath of asana was the perfect marriage. With the desire to share the joy of movement with meditative awareness and how it heals and empowers, (along with rich encouragement from my daughter, Jessie), I took my 200 hour teachers training with Todd Norian, founder of Ashaya Yoga. I am in the process of completing my 300 hour advanced training with him as well. Through this training, I was introduced to Paul Muller Ortega, PH.D founder of Blue Throat Yoga, who is an internationally recognized meditation teacher and scholar in the field of Indian religion and Hindu tantra.  This has catapulted my meditation practice into a new sphere and continues to deepen my understanding of the potent inspirational truths of Yoga.


My classes invite in the meditative practice of balance and flexibility while building strength and opening hearts allowing one to leave the class calm, focused, and inspired. My goal in teaching is to support people where they are, encourage them to do what they can, and to enrich their confidence on and off the mat. 


I have the incredible privilege of leading yoga meditation retreats with my daughter Jessie, Priti Yoga, and now Julianne Aerhee. Combining our passions of yoga, meditation, and travel we delight in sharing our gifts with all who join in our adventures.


I have been blessed with an amazing husband and three beautiful children. It is nothing short of a miracle to have these inspirational people as the backbone of my life.  It’s because of this solid foundation that I can be out in the world doing what I passionately love most, inspiring others to be the luminous light of their authentic selves, creating happier lives.  Life, enthusiasm and love are contagious. Let’s change the world together!